International Academic Mobility

The program is designed to support short-term exchanges:

  • credit mobility for study (3-12 months) and internship (2-12 months) for Ukrainian students: (junior) bachelors, masters, students, doctoral students;
  • academic mobility for teaching / training /internships (5 days to 2 months) for teachers and administrative staff.

Who can organize exchange programs?

One higher education institution from a Program country and one higher education institution from an Erasmus + partner country (in addition, all other organizations for student internships).
Applicants – coordinators of mobility projects are Erasmus + member countries.
The Erasmus + National Agencies of the Program Member States coordinate the activities.

Who can participate?

  • Students (bachelors, masters, students, doctoral students)
  • Academic staff members
  • Administrative staff members

Joint Master’s Programs

Full course of study / teaching in Erasmus Mundus joint educational programs with full higher education in Europe formaster’s level.

 Who can organize joint master’s programs?

Partnership of higher education institutions of the Program member countries (min. 2) and higher education institutions of the Program partner countries. The applicant-coordinator of the projects are  the Erasmus + member countries.

This area is coordinated by the Erasmus + Executive Agency of the European Commission for Education, Audiovisual and Culture, EACEA, Brussels (centralized area).

Who can participate?

  • Students/ graduates (*) – for study
  • Teachers – teaching unique innovative courses

* Any person, regardless of age and status, who already has at least a bachelor’s degree or is studying in the 4th year, can independently participate in competitions regardless of the Ukrainian institution of higher education. You do not have to be a student to participate in such scholarship competitions!