Jean Monnet

The goal of Jean Monnet in the framework of the EU Erasmus + Program: to intensify the European integration discourse; to promote the perfection of European integration studies; to involve higher education institutions in the study of European integration processes; to spread the ideas of the United Europe.

Cooperation between higher education institutions and other institutions around the world that actively promote Ukraine’s European integration and have scholars with publications on European studies, the experience of studying the EU for its adaptation in Ukraine. It covers all areas of the economy where it is important to study and research the EU experience for Ukraine.

Projects involve participation from one or more institutions and are designed for 12 months, 24 months, 3 years (depending on the type of activity).

Key activity types:

Teaching and Research (Jean Monnet Modules, Chairs and Centres of Excellence)

Support to Associations (Jean Monnet Associations)

Policy Debate (Jean Monnet Networks and Jean Monnet Projects)